It's no secret that shoes are a vital component when it comes to looking good. But with so many types of shoes in the market, it might take you a long time to decide which shoes to buy. Here are five things to consider before you make your next purchase:

The Occasion For The Shoes

We all know we can’t wear the same shoes everywhere, right? There are different shoes for different occasions. When picking out a new pair of shoes, consider the occasion you're buying them. 

Will you wear them to work, school or a special event? 

Depending on the answers to these questions, you'll want different types of shoes, like the Airmax 97 Terrascape. For example, if you're looking for something to wear to work daily, comfort and durability should be your top two priorities. You may want something with good arch support or extra cushioning inside the shoe. But if you're shopping for shoes intended for a night on the town, you could opt for an eye-catching style instead. Or if regulation requires a specific type of footwear in your place of employment, such as steel-toe boots, then choosing function over fashion is also a must. In any case, it pays to consider the occasion for which you're buying your shoes before making any decisions.

The Type of Shoe You Want

Whether you're a serious athlete or a fashionista on the go, there's no denying that shoes can make or break an outfit. With so many styles to choose from, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when picking out the perfect pair. The most important factor when considering what type of shoe to buy is where to wear them. If you're going to the office, let it be a pair of heels - they will make you look more professional and polished. But if you're headed for a night out with friends, why not try some eye-catching flats? And finally, if comfort and performance are top priorities, sneakers are always a wise choice. You could also go for something recycled like the Airmax 97 Terrascape. Ultimately, whichever variety of footwear you select depends mainly on your personal preferences and lifestyle. So when shopping for shoes - heels, flats, or sneakers - take some time to try them all on and find the one that fits both your feet and wardrobe best!

The Colour and Style of The Shoe

Shoes are a fashion statement, and choosing the right colour and style can be vital to any outfit. While some people opt for a timeless classic look with low-key tones and simple designs, others prefer the most in-vogue styles and bold colours. The difficulty is often in finding that perfect balance. Many fashionistas prefer shoes that combine modern features with classic elements. Such options help them create an ensemble that won't date quickly - something you can wear today and next season. Others like to be on the cutting edge of fashion so that they may favour more up-to-the-minute looks. 

The Size and Fit of The Shoe

When buying the right shoes, the fit is of utmost importance. You can have the perfect shoe design and style, but picking one that does not fit correctly can only result in sore feet or worse. You need to be aware of the sizing; you should also consider if a shoe runs true to size or if you need to size up or down. There may also be some minor variations in fit from different manufacturers, so don't always assume that a smaller or larger size will work for all shoes. For example, a size 10 in one brand may differ slightly from another because of differences in their construction and materials used. 

Whether treating yourself with a new pair of shoes or buying some special ones as a gift, remember that fit is critical - let trying them on guide your decision!

The Price of The Shoes

Sometimes we might get carried away when looking at items with prices much higher than expected. Overspending on something that you may wear very little or never again is not economical and could lead to regret. Instead of falling prey to buying something way out of our budget that would collect dust in our closets, look around for deals or invest in staples basics that you can wear often! It can be tempting to jump on flashy trends, but don't let your bank account suffer because of these impulse decisions. Then use these rescued funds for more evergreen pieces like Airmax 97 Terrascape that will last through time. Whether going for something simple yet sophisticated, ultimately, it's still essential to ensure you're making wise choices with your money. 

Summing It Up

The next time you go shopping for shoes, keep the following tips in mind. First, think about the occasion for which you will wear them - work, school, or a special event. Second, consider what type of shoe you need - heels, flats, or sneakers. Third, decide on the colour and style of the shoe. Fourth and finally, make sure to try on different sizes and fits before purchasing. Don't overspend on something you'll only wear once or twice! If you're looking for high-quality shoes like the Airmax 97 Terrascape or any other Nike model, come to our online shoe store. We have a wide variety of classic and trendy styles at affordable prices.